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Children's Health

In modern conditions of a big city one of our main goals is to keep children healthy and fit.

Our health care programme envisages:

  • medical support;
  • promotion of a healthy life style.

Medical support includes:

  • early diagnostics and prevention;
  • healthy nutrition;
  • physical therapy;
  • exercise therapy;
  • speech therapy.

A healthy life style programme includes PE lesson (basketball, swimming, exercise therapy), afterschool sport activities, building indoor and outdoor sport facilities, promoting a healthy life style among schoolchildren and their parents.

We believe that early childhood is the time when one should get used to a healthy life style, exercise and healthy eating habits.

A de-stressing and psychological relief programme includes:

  • a comfortable interior and relaxation zones;
  • pot plants in the rooms;
  • adequate outdoor facilities;
  • a reassuring and stress-free atmosphere in the school.

Medical care is available during the school day.

Additional health care services, such as massage, swimming, physical therapy, are available for those who need it for health reasons.

The canteen menu takes into account age-bound needs and peculiarities of all students.

All-Russian scientific and practical seminar
All-Russian scientific and practical seminar on “Continuity in the work with weakened children in the governmental educational institutions of different types” took place on March 14.

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