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Respect to a man! That’s the touchstone!
If it is founded in people’s hearts, they will 
certainly find the way to create such an economic,
political and social system which will make 
this respect be an absolute law. 

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

The Club of Young Politicians was founded in our school to unite young people who are interested in the political and social life of our country and who can connect their future with the career of a public figure.

Everyone here wants to live in a problem-free and prosperous country, with a powerful state and well-minded nation.

We are getting ready to become good citizens! We are getting ready to learn and bridge over difficulties!

We believe that the politicians of the future should follow the ideas of free will and respect for human rights as well as the standards of international law.

The politician is a cultural representative of his nation in the world community.

We are ready for dialogue and cooperation! We are open for new and creative ideas!

Movement ahead for a young politician doesn’t mean they must disregard and break with the past.

Remember the past, realize your abilities in the present and think of the future of Russia!

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