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Bringing up a citizen of the World who is responsible for the future of their country and mankind seeking to  understand and accept the World cultural values, serving the National Homeland via political activity or civil service.

Mission of the Gymnasium features the following aspects:

Social: Bringing up and educating youth who have a purpose of serving their Homeland via civil service.

Cultural: providing favourable conditions for using Moscow social and cultural resources  to capable and motivated students from the city, regions and international community.

Professional: accomplishing the potential of a city school as a centre of consolidation with regions and international professional community.

In accordance with the noted aspects, the educational model appears as constituted of three interrelated blocks:

  • model of preparation for work in bodies of local authority on the city scale,
  • model of preparing future school leavers to work in public administration on regional scale (‘The Capital – to Regions’ project introduced by the Principal of Gymnasium 1306 to Moscow Government),
  • model of preparing professionals in public administration (international programmes).

Philosophy of  Education

 Education should be aimed at  developing individual potential of each student.

Teacher-student communication is  based on the idea of co-operation, mutual respect, understanding and accepting the mission of the Gymnasium.

Personality of every participant in the educational process is recognized as highest value.

Cross-cultural research, projects and scientific subject studies are considered basic pedagogical technology. They are organized and encouraged by the Gymnasium teaching staff who overview and plan studying activity together.

A mandatory condition of  successful studies is learning native and foreign languages, which enables a  person to cognise other cultures, communicate effectively with representatives of various communities, have no difficulty working with abundant contemporary data sources and treat people of other counties with respect.

Successful studies are based on  clear targeting, conscious choice, inner motivation, self-organization and  aspiration to know more.

Every student aims at self-actualization, is friendly towards people on the planet and acts in accordance with accepted values of the world.

Our Values

Ever increasing quality of  education. The Gymnasium is building up a system of managing the quality of  education based on the best Russian and foreign practices.

Maintaining motivation to  study. The Model of educational institution aiming to prepare school leavers for professional activity in public administration at various levels assumes using modern active forms of studies in children’s education. These include: individual research projects, educational trips, meetings with  representatives of state management bodies, lectures of leading Russian and  foreign professionals in this field, round table discussions at the Club of Young Politicians and active distant student communication with the help of modern information technologies.

Studying in co-operation with  teachers and students. By conscious application of innovative model of  evaluating the results of their activity, students together with teachers plan  further skills development and broadening the frames of knowledge.

A broad-minded person of the world who studies in the Gymnasium communicates freely in several languages, respects the rights of other nationalities and religious beliefs, fulfills their responsibilities, sympathises and helps those in need, co-operates with different communities and is aimed at a positive result of  their activity.

The Gymnasium acts as a centre of teachers’ professional development, where IBO programmes are  implemented and seminars of innovative educational grounds are held. The  Gymnasium teachers are taught English as a language of international communication.

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