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Moscow State Budget Educational Institution
Gymnasium № 1306
Affiliated to  UNESCO
School of Young Politicians
Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre




The Gymnasium was opened in 2001.
Specialisation – advanced studyingof foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish), Social studies, History, Russian Language and  Literature.
The Gymnasium has four structural subdivisions: Pre-school Department, Primary School, Secondary School, Senior School.  The Gymnasium implements both  continuous successive compulsory educational programs and extended education successive programs (starting at the age of 3).
International educational programs implemented:
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program–grades 10 and 11.
As extended education – TRINITY, KET, PET, FCE International programs.
The Gymnasium operates on a full-day basis.
Acts with a project initiative ‘From the Capital to Regions’.
Disciplinary work priority – patriotic and civilian upbringing.

Principal– Headmistress, Honourable Worker of  Education in Russian Federation, Doctor of Science, Professor ofLomonosov Moscow State University, ‘Russian Glory’ Companion Elena BoleslavovnaSporysheva.

Gymnasium Leavers: 38 honour students (medals). 100% highereducational institutions entry:Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Higher School of Economics, The  Russian University of Theatre Arts, Russian Academy for Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

Personnel: 100% Gymnasium teachers and pre-school group mentors havediplomas of higher education.Gymnasium has 3 Doctors of  Science, 11 Doctors of Philosophy; 10 Honoured Workers of Culture and Sport, Education Honourable Students, 2 Honoured Teachers of Russia, 32 teachers of  Higher Category.


2012 — The first International Baccalaureate school leave. All school leavers are enrolled in Moscow State Institute of  International Relations and Lomonosov Moscow State University.
A Nobel Prize Gallery is opened in Gymnasium;
Health Centre is  opened in Gymnasium Pre-School Department;
Gymnasium acquired the  status ofCambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre and Cambridge University official partner.
Works within Cambridge University educational programs and is an official Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre.
Gymnasium acquired an honourable right to use Cambridge University logotypes in its documents and Gymnasium official website.
Participation in 2012 International Festivals and  Competitions:
European Festival of Children’s Choirs in Budapest. 4−5  grades Choir – 1st Prize Winner;
1st Prize Diplomas in ‘Leonardo’ All-Russian Festival of Creative Discoveries and Initiatives;
Semi-Final Diploma and Winner Diplomas in three nominations in Annual International English Language Olympiad in the UK.
Gymnasium brings to life programs of school expeditions to UNESCO’s natural and  cultural heritage objects.
Gymnasium was included into ‘School Expeditions’ Russian Geographical Society Grant. The Grant was officially given to A.A. Lobzhanidze — Gymnasium Geography teacher, Doctor of Science,bythe President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on April 10, 2012. 
Gymnasium teachers N.L. Kaskova and S.M. Martirosyan became winners of ‘Moscow Grant Competition in Education’ in social and political studies and linguistic studies respectively.

2011 — September 9, 2011 — Gymnasium is officially visited by Irina Bokova, UNESCO General Director.
National Heritage of Russia — 2011.
Memorandum signing between Gymnasium # 1306 and Cambridge University (the UK) regarding co-operation in teaching English language to Russian school pupils.
Participation in festivals and competitions – 2011:
XII International Shakespeare Festival of School Theatres in English – Grand Prix,Diplomas in ‘Best William Shakespeare Stage Play’, ‘Best Director’s Work’, ‘Best Male Role’, ‘Best Original Language Knowledge’, ‘Best Costumes and  Decorations’, ‘Best Stagecraft’ nominations;
Musical Moscovia’ Moscow City Competition– ‘Kolokolchiki’ 3rd Grade Choir – Laureate Diploma.
‘Prague Kaleidoscope’ VIII International Festival– European Choir Festival –  1st Prize – ‘Raduga’ Gymnasium Choir;
Moscow City Competition in Ball Dancing – Pre-school Department and  1st Grades – Ist Degree Diploma;
XXXV City Competition of Research and Project papers among Moscow school pupils ‘Biosphere and Us’ – Ist  Degree Diploma.

2010 — National Heritage of Russia — 2010.
International Baccalaureate Program Accreditation.
Experimental Ground — by Federal Institute of  Education Development  by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.   ‘Computer Information Technologies AsnElement of  Social and Cultural Modernisation of Educational System’. Winner in All-Russian competition among experimental grounds in ‘Innovations and Creativity’ nomination for development of methodological equipping in education.
Information Culture Centre is opened.
Moscow Government Grant for ‘Moral Upbringing, Socialisation and Tolerance Development on the basis of  the World and National Culture’ project.
VIII International Musical Choir Festival named after M.I. Glinka (Pavlovsk, Moscow Region) – Ist Degree Laureate Diploma, Grand Prix.
XI Moscow City Shakespeare Festival among school theatres in English – Grand Prix, winner in all nominations.
TERRA-VIVA International Ecological Competition — Ist Degree Laureate Diploma.
VIII All-Russian Youth Competition in Research and Creative Papers –  All-Russian Youth Forum in Cultural Heritage Problems, Ecology and Life Safety ‘UNECO 2010’ – Ist Degree Diploma.

2009 — April 17, 2009   as a result of  successful performance evaluation, the State-run Educational Institution Secondary School # 1306 (run by the city) is reclassified into the Gymnasium # 1306, Affiliated to UNESCO, School of Young Politicians.
Historical Art Gallery ‘The War of 1812’ is opened.

2008 - Since October the Gymnasium is affiliated to UNESCO.
UNESCO Resource Centre in Culture and  Education.
The winner of IX All-Russian Competition ‘1000 Best Russian Enterprises and  Organisations 2008’ in ‘Best Enterprise in Culture and Education’ nomination.
Winner of City Project Festival among schools with advanced studying of foreign languages and gymnasiums: ‘A Journey Along Classical Literature Pages in  Countries of the Languages Studied’.

2007 - Winner of ‘Moscow Patio’City Competition with ‘Gardens of Culture’ project of school amenities provision.

2006 - Winner of ‘Best Schools in Russia 2006’ Competition
Museum of Slavic Household’ is opened and certified as historical, cultural and natural scientific museum.

2005 - Building of multi-discipline school stadium. The First School Olympic Games opening.

2004 - Official partner of Trinity College (the UK). The elements of long-term international co-operation with the UK andthe USAbest schools are established.

2003 - ‘Development of Complex Sanitation, Discipline and Physical Health Model’City experimental ground.

2002 — Pre-school Department opening.
Winner of ‘World of Make-Believe’ All-Russian Competition (educational feature film in English).

2001 - Opening of State-Run Educational Institution Secondary School # 1306 with advanced studying of foreign languages in  Michurinsky Avenue. The School is openedwith support of Moscow Government as  ‘School of Young Politicians’ underthe principal’s authorized conception.

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