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our history and symbols

flag and coat of arms

We have decided that our school has to have its distinct coat of arms, flag and hymn. The children prepared and defended their projects to choose the best ones. The final variant included all brainstormed ideas brought to life by professional artists, composers and poets. The school motto was chosen as ‘Starting your way, do not waste time’, the symbol became a young growing oak out of an acorn. This ancient symbol of power and wisdom is  beyond all doubts a good companion for a person, entering into life.

While composing the hymn, its authors had plenty of  conversations with students and teachers. They noticed them all repeat the  phrase ‘our school’. This is the most important fact which speaks for itself, after all.

Герб гимназии 1306Флаг гимназии 1306

According to vexillologists (vexillology is a science about flags) this  colour is a carrier of such notions as honesty, perfection and loyalty. It  reveals not only the devotion to ideas of unity but also reminds of cloudless sky that has always been an international symbol of peace, tranquillity and  well-being. White colour denotes the purity of thoughts and intentions, gold – nobility and dignity. The oak branch symbolizes wisdom and firmness. All of the mentioned above comprises a flag, a coat of arms and a hymn of our own style. Badges that students carry on their uniforms have become unique symbols of the school.

The coat of arms is constituted maintaining the same style – a monogram abbreviation ‘SYP’ (‘School of Young Politicians’) surrounded by oak branches.



We have been so lucky to be studying
In a school of happiness and freedom
Where the smiles light up the students’ faces,
Where you can be efficient and trendy.
Here, in our comfortable school rooms
And in our spacious noisy hallrooms
We’re celebrating scientists and poets,
And magic of their eminent discussions.

The path of knowledge is a thorny one,
But you have to be braver, student -
As our choice has not been accidental.
The West and the East appear as one,
The stream of knowledge is the same
Go where the world reveals its mysteries to you.

Here, in our lounge-room,
In a friendly union of generations
Children and politicians sit together,
And exchange a lot of important opinions.
Let the conversation be simple
About momentary and eternal things,
But we can almost see it coming -
A passionate meeting with the truth.


The Gymnasium will help us understand,
Who a competent politician is:
He is both a scholar and a artist,
A diplomat, an actor and an analyst.
We’re indeed so lucky to be studying,
Where talent is noticeable and worthless.
Here smiles brighten up the students’ faces.
And ambitions reach their goals.

Chorus (2 times)

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