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The Principal’s Message

Спорышева Елена Болеславовна - директор гимназии 1306    

Ms Elena Sporysheva — the School Principal, D.Ed., PhD (Philology), Professor at Lomonosov’s Moscow State University, Honourable Educator, Officer of the Order “The Glory of Russia”.

The underlying principles of the  school philosophy  are  summarized below:

  1. an intensive study of at least two modern languages  at a higher level;
  2. upbringing and educating  future citizens of Russia, true leaders regardless   the chosen field, a new generation of politicians and businessmen;
  3. developing an individual capable of  approaching  unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought, of  negotiating and communicating with others, of  working  effectively and willingly in collaboration with others;
provision of a high-quality modern secondary education which prepares a learner for  an informed choice of a future field of study and work and for university entry requirements.

We would like to keep our school clean and beautiful.

We would like our children to have a calm and easy, yet a challenging and entertaining school life.

We believe that  it is a great honour for a young learner as  well as a  sign of trust in him or her to study at our school since it boasts a unique and committed teaching staff.

Our school combines  innovative education and traditional upbringing. We believe in democracy based on mutual respect of children and teachers.

We are ready and willing to share life’s  joys and concerns withy you.  

We are always happy to see you.

Please refer to Media Profile  for interviews  with Ms Elena Sporysheva as well as her articles.


“Constitution of the Russian Federation”. Teacher’s Manual.
Solovieva, E., Kirtoki, A., Sporysheva, E.

The Manual supplements “Constitution of the Russian Federation”, a textbook designed  for Class 9 (comprehensive schools). The Manual offers a set of assignments and activities to optimize the student workload and encourage them to reflect independently on an individual’s rights and freedoms. Practical tasks, role plays and creative assignments are developed by the authors to encourage students to draw on their personal experience.

Heritage. Getting to know your own culture (for young learners aged 2−7)
Solovieva, E., Sporysheva, E., Tsarenko, L. 

Contains a syllabus and teaching ideas as well as literary and musical illustrative material.

Developing creative thinking  and oral speaking skills in young learners aged 4 (Teacher’s notes)
Lazarenko, O,, Sorysheva, E.

The book contains activities  which develop  speaking skills of young learners, such as a coherent extended monologue, as well as help to  sharpen their creative thinking and control behaviour. The textbook is designed for  preschool teaching practitioners,  speech therapists,  and parents. 

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