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Russia’s National Heritage -2011

On 25 March the International Festival of Good Deeds, organized by the Public Charity Movement «Good People of the World» started its work in the Hall of The Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Our gymnasium had been taking an active part in the work of this movement, so the teachers and students of the gymnasium were invited as honorable guests to the festival, which is a series of bright and notable events in the social and cultural life of our country. It is aimed to preserve and develop the treasures of Russian culture. The Executive Committee consists of outstanding representatives of Russian art and culture.

  • President of the International Festival of Good Deeds O. V Oleinik.
  •  Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Program «Russia in XXI century: social development, charity, culture», Professor, television anchorman N.N.Drozdov.
  •  President of the International Academy of Art and Culture, Honored Artist of Russia P.T.Stronsky..
  • President of the National Festival of the Good song of Russia-2010», Academician, Member of the International Academy of Art and Culture, the stage director of the State Kremlin Palace M.A.Khudina.

 Within the framework of the International Festival of Good Deeds a memorable event took place:

                                                    Gymnasium #1306

proved the honorable institutional status and was awarded the title “Russian National Heritage” for the second time in recognition of its contribution to the Russian Education, for holding  awareness-raising and charity projects, aimed at harmonious upbringing of the younger generation based on high moral values.


The Hall burst out with applause when the President of the International Academy of Art and Culture, Honored Artist of Russia P.T.Stronsky conferred high honors — Awards and Badges of Honor to the Principals of six educational institutions of Russia. Our gymnasium was presented by the Principal Elena Boleslavovna Sporysheva, Doctor of Education, Honored Worker of Education, Professor of Moscow State University, holder of the order „Glory of Russia“, the creator and the inspirer of a great team.

As the motto of the Movement „Good people of the world” the following words were announced:  “Joining our efforts we are creating new, strong and prosperous Russia of the 21st century.”


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